Security Operations (secOps)

Prioritize and respond to vulnerabilities and security incidents faster

What is Secops?

Security operations are practices that are devoted to preventing, detecting, assessing, monitoring, and responding to cybersecurity threats and incidents.

You can now use intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to your organization.

You can use application to identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities and security incidents.

Use service portal to report any security incidents or new vulnerabilities for security teams.

Security Operations include:

We offer SecOps applications on ServiceNow and Atlassian technology. Our customer satisfaction 4.44 / 5.

What is the Best SecOps Tool for my organization?

ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

ServiceNow Security Operations brings security data from your security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize and resolve threats based on the impact they pose to your organization.  The product provides state-of-the-art SecOps capabilities but requires significant investment for licenses and implementation services to reap benefits from the product.  We recommend ServiceNow SecOps for organizations that operate in industries where security is a priority for the  top management. Using ServiceNow SecOps is also recommended if other interfacing processes such as configuration management or change management is already managed on ServiceNow.


Atlassian Jira and Confluence for SecOps

Atlassian Jira Work management and Confluence provide capabilities to configure security incident and vulnerability workflows.  You can also use portal to report any incidents and vulnerabilities. The technology provides limited capabilities but for a reasonable investment in licenses and implementation services. We recommend Atlassian for customers that want simple SecOps processes with limited visibility and automation.

We Educate

We coach our clients on how to use, maintain and develop ServiceNow and Atlassian application platforms for Security Operations.

We provide

We provide managed services and system maintenance services, including service requests and error handling, version upgrades, plugin activations, and other maintenance tasks.

We offer

We offer licenses of the application platforms as well as implementation and consulting services for our clients to support client’s business models and processes using best practices of the NIST cybersecurity framework and the technology providers secops best practices.

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