HR Service Management

Improve employee experience with digital workflows

HR Service Management

HR Service Management

HR Service Management is about managing operative HR processes recruitment, employee onboarding, employment activities (such as benefits, leaves, disciplinary issues, promotions, payroll issues, travel visa requests, and employment certificates), performance management and employee offboarding. By efficient and modern human resource service management organizations get value by improving efficiency, availability and experience of HR services.

You will have better visibility through reporting and dashboards, and you can manage your workloads and improve your utilization and staff performance.

Use your own templates within service portal to specify required information to create any kinds of requests for HR.

We offer HR applications on ServiceNow and Atlassian technology. Our customer satisfaction is 4.44 / 5.

What is the Best HR Tool for my organization?

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow provides tools to transform complex business processes into scalable services and support for employees.  It uses smart automated workflows to handle HR-related issues.  ServiceNow provides an easy-to-use portal for both on-boarding and off-boarding employees with targeted communications and flexible workplace experiences.  We recommend ServiceNow for customers who are already using the platform or require more advanced HR service delivery capabilities on top of their normal HR system.


Jira Service Management & Confluence for HR

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management and Confluence provide capabilities to manage basic HR processes like onboarding, off-boarding, performance reviews, and task management. With Atlassian, you get limited capabilities for a reasonable investment in licenses and implementation services. We recommend Atlassian for customers that require basic capabilities for human resource service management.

We Educate

We coach our clients to use and develop ServiceNow and Atlassian application platforms for HR service delivery, ticket handling, portal setup, add-ons/plugins, and workflows.

We provide

We provide managed services and system maintenance services, including service requests and error handling, version upgrades, plugin activations, and other maintenance tasks.

We offer

We offer licenses for the application platforms and implementation services to support our clients’ business models and processes using best practices from application platform vendors.

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