Customer Engagement Center (CEC)

Enhance and automate your customer service

What is CEC?

Customer Engagement Center also known as Customer Service Management (CSM) refers to practices, strategies, and technologies that are used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The goal is to improve business relationships with the customer to assist customer retention and grow your sales, as well as enhance your internal process with cost savings and better visibility for customer’s issues and other information.

You can now solve customer problems by bringing front, middle, and back offices together.

Appmore offers CSM application on ServiceNow and Atlassian technology. Our customer satisfaction 4.44 / 5.

What is the Best CEC Tool for my organization?

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM)

ServiceNow CSM is a Gartner leader in the customer engagement center area. The product provides state-of-the-art CSM capabilities including self-service, team management, asset management, portal and AI capabilities but requires significant investment for licenses and implementation services to reap benefits from the product. We recommended ServiceNow CSM for companies that have large customer service operations and/or require advanced capabilities like customer asset management.


Atlassian Jira and Confluence for CEC​

Atlassian provides Jira Service Management application that includes the customer service management template. It is designed to help teams efficiently deliver great service experiences to their customers. Set SLAs, answer customer questions, prioritize requests and collect feedback to ensure your external customers or business partners can quickly get the help they need.


Jira Service Management provides basic capabilities for reasonable investment on licenses and implementation services. We recommend Jira Service Management for customers that do not require advanced capabilities for customer engagement. 

We Educate

We coach our clients on how to use and to set up ServiceNow and Atlassian application platforms for Customer Engagement. For example, we help administrators to set up case management workflows and Self-service capabilities such as Service Portal.

We provide

We provide managed services and system maintenance services, including service requests and error handling, version upgrades, plugin activations, and other maintenance tasks.

We offer

We offer everything from licenses for application platforms to implementation and consulting services for our customers to support their business models and processes using best practices of ITIL and from application platform vendors.

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