The ServiceNow Identity and Access Management (IAM) Application

ServiceNow IAM Application to answer all needs for state-of-the-art IGA, IAM, and IDM solution

The ServiceNow IAM Application

The Identity & Access Management (IAM) application for ServiceNow enhances your IAM and identity Governance & Administration (IGA) processes and adds a governance and administration layer for all identities and accesses.


Identity & Access Management (IAM)  is a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the proper people in a corporation have the appropriate access to technology resources.  Having this done correctly you can save costs, enhance your security, enable employees to be more efficient and happier as well as help you pass audits related to identities and accesses.


The application is available on ServiceNow store.


Appmore’s ServiceNow IAM application is also featured on Gartner peer insights in the IAM category.

Business Drivers

Reduce IT risk and licence costs
Business Benefit
Save costs of unused license and improve security.

ServiceNow IAM Application
Application provides different options for auditing access rights and removing unnecessary accesses from users.
Reduce IT workload
Business Benefit
Save unnecessary costs related to providing identities and access rights.

ServiceNow IAM Application
Automate IAM request handling and provisioning to all systems.
Increase employee satisfaction
Business Benefit
More committed and efficient employees as a result of better ITSM.

ServiceNow IAM Application
Manage IAM with ITSM and choose your service channels.
(portal, mobile chat, sms, email)
Improve business productivity
Business Benefit
Identities and access rights at the right time and right sized.

ServiceNow IAM Application
Define and deliver access rights based on business driven job roles.
Reduce number of systems
Business Benefit
Save license costs as well as training and maintenance costs.

ServiceNow IAM Application
IAM Application is part of ServiceNow Saas with very competitive pricing.
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Reduce IT risk

All accesses and identities will be removed when the user leaves the company

Avoid the risk of former employees stealing company secrets, corrupting information or sharing sensitive data public.

Traceability of who has had the access to the system at a certain point in time

If someone from the organization shares sensitive data with the public, you can find out who has had access during this breach.

Comply with GDPR regulations

Fines for not complying with GDRP can be 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million – whichever comes first.

Only users who need to have access to a certain system will have access

Minimize risk of exposing sensitive data to users who do not need to know.

Pass internal and external audits

Extensive reporting with ServiceNow reporting tools.

Prevent critical access combinations

To avoid fraud, theft and error, critical access combinations should be monitored so a single person is not able to solely complete a task that constitutes a risk e.g. payment and approval of an invoice.

The ServiceNow IAM Application has these core capabilities:

The ServiceNow IAM Application has these core capabilities:

is based on ServiceNow workflow and flow engine to automate IAM processes.

are based on reconciled information from sources such as HR systems and from targets such as ERP systems. Application is compliant with ServiceNow core reporting features such as dashboards.

capabilities support both automated and manual provisioning, updating, deprovisioning and deleting of accounts and access rights.

enables an organization to see accounts and access rights per identity. Users can review their own and subordinates entitlements in the Service Portal. 

provides the capability to dynamically create certification requests for certifiers to ensure entitlements are justified.


There are many existing connectors for the ServiceNow IAM Application and more are being built according to customers’ needs:

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