Appmore had over 60% growth and was promoted to Elite partner by ServiceNow

Appmore promoted to Elite partner

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2022 was an exceptional year for us. Appmore had over 60% growth in turnover. In addition to the fast growth, we are now ServiceNow Elite Partner! Appmore was promoted to Elite partner by ServiceNow thanks to a growing customer base and happy customers. The Net Promoter Score for Appmore for the deliveries during 2022 was 71. We are very satisfied with how this year showed the results of our efforts.

For 2023 we continue to serve our customers with proven-in-use and future-proof technologies. We expect double-digit revenue growth to continue due to several customer acquisitions for the industry-leading ServiceNow IAM product as well as for ServiceNow’s service offering. Our mission is to provide business applications that enable more productivity and resiliency for our customers.  Appmore aims to keep the NPS way above industry standard as we have done in the previous years while continuing the journey to globally leading application provider for enterprise service management platforms.

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