ServiceNow dominates and Atlassian becomes a leader (Gartner ITSM Magic Quadrant)

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Gartner recently published the annual Magic Quadrant for ITSM platforms for 2022. The most notable thing in the report is that ServiceNow dominates the magic box and Atlassian is a new leader. Both ServiceNow and Atlassian benefit from a strong platform that enables an easy-to-use task management system for customer service and back-office processes such as IT and HR service management. Both companies are also continuously acquiring new companies to deepen their technical capabilities. Atlassian recently purchased for example Percept.AI for virtual agent technology whereas ServiceNow purchased RPA vendor Intellibot.


You can easily download the Gartner report from Atlassian or ServiceNow website. Links are provided in the below:



The biggest difference between ServiceNow and Atlassian is that ServiceNow targets large and mid-size organizations whereas Atlassian suites organizations of any size. The capabilities of the platforms also match the requirements of these target markets. ServiceNow has state-of-the-art capabilities like a swiss knife and Atlassian provides standard capabilities for lower costs.


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