Managing Digital Workflows with ServiceNow

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As part of our sales and marketing activities, Lempinen & Partners is attending and sponsoring various events physically as well as online. In June we attended KuppingerCole virtual event and here is a summary of the happening.


First about the organizer: KuppingerCole Analysts is Europe’s leading independent analyst organization headquartered in Europe. The company specializes in offering for example neutral advice, research, and expertise in the areas concerning Information Security, Identity and Access Management as well as Digital Transformation. They organize conferences, seminars, and workshops concerning these topics.


(Upcoming events:


On the KuppingerCole Market Compass Report, Lempinen & Partners is an “Emerging vendor delivering a standard IGA solution on top of the ServiceNow platform. It focuses on user groups beyond employees and comes with built-in support for GDPR requirements.”  




The Managing Digital Workflows with ServiceNow event was held on Wednesday, June 23, 2021. The event was focused on IGA and IAM solutions built on ServiceNow. IT Service Management solutions such as ServiceNow helps organizations to manage workflows during the ongoing pandemic and modernize their service management approach. What Lempinen & Partners can offer on top of that is Identity and Access Management (IAM) with proven benefits like increased performance and cost savings. Ability to request as well as approve access rights fast and secure became remarkably important since many knowledge workers started to work full-time from home office around the world more than a year ago.


The virtual event was inspiring with best practices and customer project presentations. The panel discussion about Best Practices for Managing Digital Workflows on ServiceNow was a cherry on top of a cake.




Lauri Reunamäki from Lempinen & Partners took part in the panel discussion which started with this question, What is the number one recommendation of the best practices? Lauri thinks that there is a lot of good stuff built-in ServiceNow as a platform, so don’t customize it too much. It’s important to remember that don’t start messing with the scripts that ServiceNow has built because that will affect how easy and fast version upgrades can be implemented to the organization’s ServiceNow environment.


ServiceNow is built to manage everything as a service. If the organization is aiming to enhance productivity and increase savings, then ServiceNow is an excellent tool to achieve these goals. It makes sense that you kind of push everything to one platform or as much as you can, so you have one platform, one data model and one architecture.


At some point, panelists were discussing about integrations and what you need to keep in mind during integration or what things need to be considered? Lauri said very important things. You need to understand the target system and the source system and how do they interact and what do you want to accomplish. You need to do planning carefully because there might be something that you don’t think about. You need to see what is possible within those systems because everything is not possible when you do integration. It doesn’t make sense if you don’t achieve what you want to accomplish.


There is a lot of systems that don’t make sense economically. Think about what the use cases are, what is the priority, how much does it help you to optimize processes.


Last but not least, an important thing is measurement. One good point was that remember to have a baseline, so you can measure your success. For example, if you are changing from one ticketing system to another, you need to know how fast or better it is comparing the old one.




After all, the panel discussion was great and there were a lot of good tips and tricks mentioned. Multiple presentations today had same messages. If organizations want to enhance productivity and increase savings, ServiceNow is an excellent tool for this.


Overall, attending an event online was time well spent. The agenda and speakers were interesting and gave together a good idea of challenges and options in the field of Identity and Access Management. The material was easy to pick up for later use and the platform worked well.


Still, I must admit though, face to face conversations and coffee breaks with attendees would be nice. Looking forward to finally participate physically events in the future.


Lasse Ahokas

Sales Director / Lempinen & Partners

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