Frequently asked questions about ServiceNow IAM application

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What is the ServiceNow IAM application (IGAmore)?

  • ServiceNow IAM application IGAmore is the IGA solution built to answer all needs for state-of-the-art IGA, IAM, and IDM solutions.
    • The organizational policies and processes and procedures related to the oversight of identity management can be referred to as Identity Governance and Administration (IGA).

Is the ServiceNow IAM Application available in ServiceNow Store?

What type of benefits you will get from the ServiceNow IAM Application?

  • Simplify the lives of end users
    • Employees, partners, contractors, customers, and guests can easily access systems
    • Fewer security issues, better compliance, reduced IT administrative workloads, lower breach-related expenses
  • Ease of use
    • Thanks to IAM / IGA, people can get an identity that provides access to different systems
    • Identity changes will automatically affect access rights
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • No hardware cost
    • The latest version and automated security upgrades
    • Scalability of cloud
    • High availability
  • Automation
    • External user access scheduled for the contract period
    • Productivity gains for example when onboarding
  • Reduced IT costs
    • Less work even with improved security and control
    • Fewer access requests to the service desk
  • Business changes
    • Changes, when promotion, transfer, or layoffs occur, will be more efficient and less risky
    • Acquisition and mergers are handled fast and efficiently identity wise

How ServiceNow IAM Application can reduce IT risks

  • All accesses are removed and all accounts are inactivated when the user leaves the company
    • Avoid the risk of former employees stealing company secrets, corrupting information, or sharing sensitive data with public
  • Traceability of who has had the access to the system at a certain point in time
    • If someone from the organization shares sensitive data with the public, you can find out who has had access during this breach
  • Comply with GDPR regulations
    • Fines for not complying with GDPR can be 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million – whichever comes first
  • Only users who need to have access to a certain system have access
    • Minimize the risk of exposing sensitive data to users who do not need to know
  • Pass internal and external audits
    • Extensive reporting with ServiceNow reporting tools
  • Prevent critical access combinations (CAC) and segregation of duties (SOD)
    • To avoid fraud, theft, and errors, critical access combinations as well as segregation of duties should be monitored so a single person is not able to solely complete task which constitutes a risk e.g. payment and approval of the invoice

Is ServiceNow IAM Application Solution (Software as a Service)?

  • Yes, you can acquire IGAmore as SaaS (preferred)
    • In some special cases for example if the customer has an On-Premise environment we can implement our ServiceNow IAM Application to the existing environment. In most cases, Cloud is more cost-efficient for the client.

Where are SaaS data centers located?

  • We can check the current status for you but for example:
    • UK‑sovereign pair between London and Newport, and an EU‑sovereign pair between Amsterdam and Dublin. These data center pairings will form part of ServiceNow’s Advanced High Availability Architecture and will continue to ensure the scalability of its cloud services. (2020)
    • Let us know where you are operating and we will inform you about available data center locations.

What type of integration interfaces your solution offers, and do you have existing connectors?

  • For example, the following integration technologies can be used:
    • REST API
    • SOAP web service
    • JSONv2 Web Service
    • LDAP
    • JDBC
    • OIDC
    • PowerShell
    • File-based methods
      • Delivery method
        • File from directory
        • FTP
        • FTPS
        • HTTP
        • HTTPS
        • SCP
        • SFTP
      • Formats
        • JSON
        • XML
        • CSV
        • Excel
  • We make new connectors all the time for our clients. Current list of connectors:
    • ServiceNow
    • Azure Active Directory
    • On-premise Active Directory (MS)
    • Atlassian (Jira & Confluence)
    • SalesForce
    • SAP S4 / ERP
    • SAP HR
    • Personio
    • SAP Successfactors
    • Basware P2P
    • ANSIBLE & Tower API
    • AWS connector
    • Workday

Are there any restrictions on the number of identities?

  • No, our ServiceNow IAM Application is highly scalable, and the largest environment at the customer site at the moment has 47 000 identities.

How are the security and GDPR taken into account in the ServiceNow IAM Application?

What type of pricing do you have for the ServiceNow IAM Application?

  • Pricing is per identity and sold by tiers like 1-250, 251-1000, and so on. Moreover, external users will be counted as the same number of identities and do not have separate pricing. Please contact us for more information.

How much time on the calendar should we have for the project?

  • The estimated implementation is 3 to 6 months. Most of the time is used for planning and configuring the solution for your organization’s requirements. Technically implementation is much faster.

What type of references do you have?

  • Apotti and RatePay are examples of references.
    • Apotti’s goal is to develop social care and health care services and to standardize operational routines in order to control costs. Equality in social care and health care services requires a strong commitment to digitalization and improving operational routines.
    • Ratepay offers customized white label payment services for online shops – without the risk.

What ServiceNow licenses are needed for the IAM application?

  • Customer does not need to have any licenses for ServiceNow before purchasing the IAM application, however customer needs to have use right for the ServiceNow platform that can be granted when purchasing the IAM application. Fore more information contact sales:

Is it possible to create multilevel approvals in the IAM application?

  • Yes, there can be as many approvals in parallel or in sequence as needed

What are the typical approvals needed in IAM or IGA application?

  • Typically the following approval flows are used: manager approval, business owner approval, system owner approval, security approval

Is it possible to integrate ServiceNow IAM Microsoft Dynamics CE or F&O?

Is it possible to integrate ServiceNow IAM to CyberArk?

Does it make sense to connect ServiceNow IAM to another IAM application such as OKTA, ForgeRock, SailPoint, Oracle, Ping, Saviyent, and OneIdentity?

  • For some organizations this might be the best alternative to resolve immediate IAM issues. The ServiceNow IAM application provides excellent integration tools for connecting to Third Party systems

How is the ServiceNow IAM application upgraded?

  • ServiceNow IAM application is available from ServiceNow store. The product includes several upgrades per annum that are available for download from the customer ServiceNow instance. Customizations are managed in the same way as for other ServiceNow applications such as ITSM or IRM.
If this article did not provide an answer to your question, do not hesitate to ask it via this contact form. We will get back to you asap! 

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